A Downpour and a Discovery

Leo and Siniret were trudging through the dark and dreary African savannah. The heat they had become so used to had been replaced by a heavy breeze and a pelting rain, making the journey more difficult than ever before. Even when the storm was in full force, however, Leo and Siniret never lost their will to keep going.

Suddenly, they heard an ominous rumble. Instinctively, Leo and Siniret darted behind the closest tree. A quick glance forward revealed the source of the noise: a raging river, churning nearby. With the rain continuing to pour down and the river overflowing its banks, the two animals were entirely surrounded by the murky water.

Masticating plant matter nervously, Leo thought of a possible solution. Gently, he grabbed Siniret's attention and gestured forward. To Siniret's surprise, Leo meant to continue on their journey despite the rapidly rising waters.

Cautiously, the two animals stepped into the pool and swam. After clambering onto a large, flat rock, they finally spotted the source of the disturbance: a beached boat that had swiftly been taken by the current. Tragically, there were no signs of the humans who had been inside it, and the boat began to drift away just moments later.

Huddled together on the rock, Leo and Siniret shivered from the cool water. Taking advantage of the momentary reprieve, they said prayers of thanks to the mysterious river which had put them out of harm's way and then quickly scurried away.

Thanks to the downpour and discovering the boat, Leo and Siniret were able to reach their destination, a secluded watering hole, unscathed.

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