The Squishiest of Cuddles

Leo and Siniret had lived happily in the African savannah for many years now but each day was still filled with adventure. Today they were taking a break from exploration in order to spend quality time with their beloved family and friends. They gathered around the bank of the small river, each of them huddling close as the sun set. After stories were shared and the laughter subsided, Leo proposed the game of squeezing. One by one, they took turns embracing each other in the “squishiest of cuddles” until their energy had been replenished and love had been felt.

The best cuddles were between Leo and Siniret; their bodies melded together like no other pair in the wilderness. To their surprise, they felt a surge of electricity course through them. In that moment they realized that their love had been reborn and could never be extinguished.

Their game finished and the group said their goodbyes. As Siniret and Leo walked hand in hand away from the river, their hearts were full of joy and love.

The next morning, they awoke to the sound of a beautiful melody that seemed to be coming from the savannah. As the music grew louder, a group of graceful creatures began to emerge from the bushes: the singing elephants. With their trunks in the air and their feet shuffling in the dust, the elephants serenaded Leo and Siniret with the “squishiest of cuddles”. The couple smiled at each other in amazement, realizing that the spirits of the savannah were recognizing the strength of their bond. As the elephants slowly disappeared back into the African sunset, Leo and Siniret's hearts were filled with renewal and hope for the adventures that lay ahead of them.

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