Leo and Siniret: ‘The Tribulation of a Fire on the Savannah’

The blaze flickered on the savannah like a phoenix, consuming the carpet of dry grass that surrounded it. Leo and Siniret watched from a safe distance, unable to comprehend the destruction the fire caused. As the smoke smouldered in the distance, it began to darken the sky. It seemed as if the world was collapsing around them. Even the animals had started to flee from the impending doom.

Suddenly, Leo and Siniret noticed a lone elephant in the midst of the fire. For a moment, they were both stunned in the face of such immense danger. They knew it would take more than courage for the elephant to escape the flames. Leo and Siniret acted on impulse. Without a thought, they leaped into action and ran towards the trapped animal.

With the fear of their lives, Leo and Siniret managed to circle the elephant and form a barrier around it. Taking in loud breaths, they braced themselves, willingly facing the ferocious heat of the flames. Siniret found a nearby branch that had not been fully engulfed by the fire and began swiping it around to rouse the elephant. Thankfully, the beast woke and jumped into action. With a little help from Leo and Siniret, it managed to break free and trundled away into the distance.

The duo sighed in relief as they watched the elephant disappear into the horizon. But the fire was still far from over. The blaze continued to spread while Leo and Siniret struggled to control it. They managed to contain it until the morning, when they received assistance from a pack of local elephants. With their help, the blaze was finally put out.

When the fire had died out, Leo and Siniret looked around in awe. The savannah was covered in charcoal-like remains, with patches of greenery slowly starting to sprout. The smouldering air, full of ash, slowly began to clear out.

From that day forward, Leo and Siniret would always remember the tribulation of the fire on the savannah. It was a deeply humbling experience for them, and humbling reminder that they must always be vigilant in protecting the world around them.

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