About Kirby

Kirby Riser is a beloved children’s book author known for his enchanting tales about the animals of the African savanna. Kirby’s love for writing about wildlife started at a young age, as he was fascinated by the stories of animals he read in books. This love for the wild was cemented when Kirby visited the African savanna as an adult, where he had the opportunity to observe and interact with the diverse and majestic creatures that call the savanna home.

Kirby has a special connection to the animals he writes about and does extensive research to ensure that his stories are not only entertaining but also accurate and educational. He draws inspiration from his own experiences and the unique personalities of each animal he encounters.

When Kirby is not writing, he enjoys spending time with his pet dog. His furry companion brings joy and laughter into his life and is a constant source of inspiration for Kirby’s writing.

Kirby’s books have become popular with children and adults alike, and his stories are treasured by families all over the world. His mission is to share his love and appreciation of wildlife with the next generation, and through his books, he hopes to inspire a new generation of animal lovers and conservationists.